Beautiful event landing pages

Publish compelling event landing pages to showcase your event. With our pre-designed professional templates, just upload your cover image and you're ready to go.

Share downloads and files

Share event assets and collateral such as handouts, slide decks, and photos, prior to, during or after your event. Accessible via the web, your attendees never have to scramble to find what they need.

Event Registrations built right in

Stop messing around with embedding codes and links. Your registration process kicks in right on schedule and tightly integrates with our AMS to allow you to offer custom pricing by membership type, early bird promotions, discount codes, limited quantities, and more.

MN Events

Automate your event sales

Create registration forms to allow members and the public to register for events and trainings. Sell tickets, add-on products, and solicit donations to drive event success.

Gain a high level view of performance

Keep tabs on your event sales with our real-time dashboard displaying tickets sold, revenue generated, and detailed metrics.

Promote ticket sales 

Use powerful email campaigns to segment your invitees and send event promotions, reminders and follow-ups.

Built-in segmentation

Tightly integrated with our AMS smart lists, target your invitations to the right audience, using criteria such as member types, credentials, interests, past activity, or tenure. Easily email attendees based on the ticket type, custom questions, checked-in status, or products purchased.


Everything you need to succeed.


Landing Pages
Publish and promote your event on the web and mobile.
Sell Tickets
Sell tickets and collect payments to drive revenue. Manage multiple ticket types and member-only pricing.
Offer add-ons and products in addition to your tickets.
Registration Forms
Gather data during the ticket purchase by asking all the questions you need.
Email Campaigns
Launch email campaigns to sell tickets and monitor click rates and conversion rates at a glance.
Promo Codes
Use promo codes to drive sales and understand campaign success.
Event Reports
Get the insight you need for all registrations, attendees and more.
Early Bird Pricing
Set up multiple early bird price points by membership type or public vs. members.
Collect donations during the event registration process for fundraising.

Get Started

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