It takes a lot to build a successful chapter model. From creating the operational and strategic foundation to designing visual identity guidelines, there are many factors that come into play to support your chapters. That’s what MemberNova’s webinar featuring the Computer Science Teachers Association is all about!

One organization, multiple advantages

Chapters, although their own entity, serve as an extension of the organization spanning across states or even countries. The presence of chapters allow you to have the greatest advantage of all - the ability to have a local presence to promote a main mission and goals. Acting as advocates, chapter officers are your key to being able to localize your messaging and form deeper connections with your members. With 36,000 members spanning 78 chapters, Jake Baskin, Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, initiated a hybrid model where chapters became the lifeblood of the organization while still operating as their own entity, leading their own programs. In the webinar, he explains the benefits, legalities and his personal advice to any association looking to expand.

Supporting your chapters

Run your association like a business and you will find that your chapters too need both operational and strategic guidance from national. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a consistent, ongoing training initiative to educate and lead chapter officers and achieve alignment. However, in order to nurture relationships, you need to always be aware of the type of support needed by your chapter leaders and members, which means listening to your audience.
CSTA runs multiple initiatives to support chapters. It starts with a consistent face that is present to support chapter leaders and from there, they built a community for all officers to learn from one another” according to Jake. In the webinar, he goes into detail about all the programs they run to ensure chapters have the resources they need. From a simple survey to an elaborate evaluation process, there are multiple avenues you can take, but it’s all about what makes sense for your organization.

Your playbook for the successful chapter-based association

This if course if a very brief overview of just two of the topics covered. View the webinar to learn and get advice on:
  • Centralized vs. local dues structure
  • Data integrity (the biggest challenge!)
  • Technological solutions to offer chapters
  • Visual identity and branding
  • Unified vs. a one way approach
It's never too late to join us, even if you couldn't make it during our live broadcast! Featuring Jake Baskin, Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, learn more about how CSTA launched and grew into a successful 78 chapter organization, and tips and tricks they follow.