For any chapter-based organization or for those who are thinking of expanding, what does it take to roll out a successful chapter model?
That’s exactly what this week’s webinar is all about! Featuring MemberNova and the Computer Science Teachers Association, we’ll cover some common pitfalls to avoid and strategies and frameworks that CSTA has applied that has kept them on track with their growing association of 70 chapters.
Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be covering but this is just the beginning!

Chapters are an extension of your organization

Serving as an extension of the organization across multiple states or even countries, chapters allow you to have a local presence to promote your mission and goals, helping form a deeper connection with your members that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 
How do you ensure your chapter officers remain as advocates? How does an organization strike that balance between the organization’s main mission and cultural member experience? That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in our webinar titled The Playbook for the Successful Chapter-based Association. Haven’t registered yet? Click here to join us!
Once you have chapters, your next focus should be on supporting your officers and members across the board.

Supporting your chapters

Just like a business subsidiary, your chapters too need both operational and strategic guidance from headquarters. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a consistent, ongoing training initiative to educate and lead chapter officers and achieve alignment. However, in order to nurture relationships, you need to always be aware of the type of support needed by your chapter leaders and members.
What does that involve? What are the benefits? How has an established association managed to make this an organization wide initiative? The truth is that there are a lot of initiatives an organization can adopt as well as methodologies.
What works for one association may not work for another and that is what our webinar is all about!

Webinar: The playbook for the successful chapter-based association

Join us on November 14th as we dive deep into what it takes to launch and maintain a successful chapter model. Featuring Jake Baskin, Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, we’ll take a look at how the CSTA launched and grew into a successful 70 chapter organization and tips and tricks they follow across the organization. We’ll also cover some common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies and frameworks that will keep you on track, including: 
  • Setting up your brand identity and messaging guidelines
  • Streamlining chapter workflows and creating a unified member experience
  • Centralizing analytical reports relevant to each chapter for better insight through data aggregation
  • Nurturing your chapters with touch points, goal tracking and dedicated support to keep them on track
  • Tracking your chapters' success and how to measure impact
Rolling out a chapter model can seem like a daunting project but with proper planning and resources in place, you can fast track your organization's membership and advocacy strategy.